Travis Barham
Alliance Defending Freedom

Religious liberty is the bedrock principle upon which our country was founded, but that principle is increasingly under attack by a coalition of secular forces that want to ban Christian beliefs from our public square and limit freedom of religion to mere “freedom of worship.”

As Bob Paulson has written in the September issue of “Decision” magazine:

For more than 200 years Americans could take religious liberty for granted. It was a fundamental characteristic of the United States…. But not anymore. Now, America’s ‘first freedom’ is in danger of being thrown on the trash heap.

The Obama administration, numerous judges and legislators, and in many cases the Supreme Court seem eager to steamroll any state, business, school or individual that does not support the killing of unborn babies,the celebration of same-sex ‘marriage’ or even the obliteration of gender distinctions.


Join us as Travis Barham of the ADF shares inspirational and motivational stories of victory, and learn how the strategies of the ADF are reshaping the landscape of the battle to preserve religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family.

Please note that the room for this event has been changed to the “Midtown Auditorium”, which is still located at Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, GA

Thursday, Oct 20


Perimeter Church, Johns Creek, GA

*Room Change: Midtown Auditorium*

$10 Suggested Donation