An Areopagus Forum with

Dave Richardson

President of The Assumptions Institute and
author of
Transparent: How To See Through the Powerful Assumptions That Control You


At the root of every person’s reasoning process are basic assumptions that control everything we say, do, and think. Similarly, there are assumptions embedded in every aspect of our culture that influence each of us every day.

Are you aware of these core assumptions, and how to detect and evaluate them? In this presentation, Dave Richardson introduces a Critical Assumptions Test that enables students and adults to discern the hidden assumptions in our culture that influence how we think and live. Based on his book, Transparent, he reveals a simple methodology whereby we can detect the faulty beliefs and values conveyed through our contemporary secular culture.

This methodology is a critical thinking skill that adults can teach their children. It is also a valuable tool to help adults follow God’s will and purpose in every area of their life. Understanding the power of assumptions allows us to discern lies and live more thoughtfully, more faithfully, and more consistently as ambassadors for Christ in the midst of our increasingly secularized society and culture.

February 16
7:30 PM

Perimeter Church, Johns Creek
Fellowship Hall

$10 Suggested Donation