An Areopagus Forum with

Jennifer Breedon

Legal Advisor and Media Analyst,
The Clarion Project

Has new evidence surfaced that
confirms the Biblical narrative?

For generations skeptics have challenged the historicity of Moses and the Exodus, contending that there is no archaeological evidence that supports the Biblical narrative and that the story is mostly (or totally) mythical. However, evidence now suggests that there may in fact be physical remains of the Exodus – but not in the area of the Middle East that has traditionally been attributed to Mt. Sinai.

Join us for this special Areopagus Forum presentation as Jennifer Breedon of the Clarion Project presents the case that there is actual archaeological evidence for the Exodus, but that the true location lies not in the Sinai Desert but in modern-day Saudi Arabia.

Serious Bible scholars, as well as students, will find this presentation to be informative and thought-provoking in its affirmation of Biblical history and the divine inspiration of Scripture.

March 23
7:30 PM

Perimeter Church, Johns Creek
Fellowship Hall

$10 Suggested Donation