An Article by Dr. Jefrey Breshears

The Reformation Wall in Geneva, Switzerland

(Excerpt from the introduction)

….However, there was another, darker side of the Reformation era that is often overlooked. The century- and-a-quarter between 1525-1650 was an exceedingly turbulent period in Europe and Britain as numerous bloody and destructive wars raged between Catholics and Protestants – all fought, of course, in the name of the Prince of Peace. For while the Reformation sparked a great deal of intense religious zeal, it also ignited a firestorm of religious bigotry and persecution that generated an unprecedented degree of social and political chaos that shattered the fragile unity of European civilization. Along with positive developments such as the breakup of the Roman Catholic religious monopoly, the emergence of fresh new religious movements that brought spiritual renewal to millions, the reevaluation of antiquated political dogmas such as “royal absolutism” and the “divine right of kings,” and the eventual acceptance of religious tolerance, the excesses of the Reformation inadvertently produced a secular reaction that contributed to the rise of religious skepticism and humanistic rationalism throughout Europe and Britain.

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