A Special Areopagus Forum with

Charles Payette

Bible Historian and
Curator of the Payette Bible Collection


Charles Payette is a nationally-recognized speaker and Bible historian, and the curator of the Payette Bible Collection, one of the most unique and impressive private collections of Bibles in the world today.

Featuring examples of every significant Bible and supporting document in the development of the English Bible, the Payette Collection begins with a 1523 Erasmus New Testament that William Tyndale used to create the first printed English New Testament.

Join us for this unique presentation on the history of the English Bible featuring many of the rarest and most influential Bibles in Mr. Payette’s 4200-volume collection.

April 20
**7:00 PM**
(special start time)

Perimeter Church, Johns Creek

Fellowship Hall

$10 Suggested Donation