A special Areopagus Forum with
Mike Shotwell
Author of
Immersed in Red: My Formative Years In a Marxist Household

Nearly 60 years ago the communist folk singer Pete Seeger wrote “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” one of the most popular songs of the 1960s. Over the past 25 years, since the fall of the USSR in 1989, many people wonder, “Where have all the Communists gone?” But unlike the old song lyrics, they certainly haven’t “gone to graveyards, every one.” In fact, although they have had to re-brand and re-package themselves as “progressives” and “democratic socialists,” they are alive and flourishing and more influential today than at any time in American history.

Although the Soviet Empire is a thing of the past, the Marxist influences in academia, our government, the media, popular culture, and even in many churches have only become more entrenched in recent decades.

As one who grew up in a hardcore Marxist household, Mike Shotwell knows just how insidious left-wing ideology is and how pervasive it is in contemporary American society and culture.

Cultural Marxism is the ideological foundation for “political correctness,” and as such it is essentially left-wing fascism – atheistic, anti-Christian, intolerant, and totalitarian in nature. It is also very much alive-and-well in America today.

Thursday, May 18
7:30 PM
Perimeter Church, Johns Creek
Fellowship Hall

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