Dr. Rob Bowman

Executive Director, The Institute for Religious Research

Dr Rob Bowman

“Why The Reformation Happened,
and Why It Still Matters Today”

The Protestant Reformation began in 1517 in Wittenberg, Germany, as an effort to reform the Roman Catholic Church in Europe. Now, 500 years later, our civilization has become a virtual religious potpourri – a multi-cultural and pluralistic society in which Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Eastern religions, and various cults all occupy the public square along with atheism, agnosticism, and various forms of religious skepticism.

Are the issues that sparked the Reformation still relevant, and if so, how should evangelical Protestants think about the Reformation and communicate their faith in the midst of our contemporary culture that celebrates pluralism and diversity?

In this presentation, Rob Bowman, executive director of the Institute for Religious Research, examines these and other questions related to the two principle issues of the Reformation: the gospel and the authority of Scripture. Join us for this most informative presentation on the significance and the relevance of the Reformation.

Perimeter Church / 7:30 PM
$5 students / $10 adults / $15 per couple

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