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Next September the Areopagus will sponsor a “CHRISTIAN HISTORY TOUR OF AMERICA” in which we’ll visit many of the key sites in early American Christian history in New England and the Northeast. These are important places in the unique history of American Christian history that are typically overlooked by casual tourists and even local residents.

Included in our itinerary are visits and tours …

  • Boston and environs, including Harvard College and Salem, home of the infamous Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692;
  • Northampton, Mass., the home base for Jonathan Edwards;
  • Lexington and Concord, sites of the battles that sparked the American Revolution;
  • Plymouth, Mass., the site of the colony established by the “Pilgrims” in 1620;Providence, R.I., and the first Baptist church in America founded in 1638 by Roger Williams;
  • New Haven, Conn., and Yale College.
  • New York City — several important sites in the history of American Protestantism;
  • Princeton, N.J., and Princeton Theological Seminary;
  • Washington, D.C., where we’ll visit the National Cathedral and the new Museum of the Bible;
  • And much more!

JOIN US for this unique and meaningful tour as we visit and learn about many of the most important people, places and events in early American Christian history.

FOR DETAILS see the itinerary.

FOR MORE INFORMATION — including an Information Meeting on Saturday, December 30 here in Atlanta — contact…

Ilona Greyling
Christian Heritage – London