Was the Universe Made for Man?

“When I consider the heavens, the work of Your hands…
what is man that You are mindful of him?” – Psalm 8:4

A special Areopagus presentation by
Eric Smith
Physicist and former professor of astronomy and astrophysics at
Southern Polytechnic State University and Kennesaw State University

7:30 PM
Perimeter Church / Fellowship Hall
$5 students / $10 adults / $15 per couple
collected at the door

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According to the Bible, the universe was created as a home for mankind. But if that is true…

• Why is the universe so old?
• Why is the universe so large?
• Why is the Earth not in the center of the universe?

Christian philosophy, theology and apologetics typically focus on the question: “Why are we here?” In this presentation, astrophysicist Eric Smith addresses a more fundamental question: “How are we here?” Why are the natural physical laws of the universe so precisely fine-tuned as to allow life to emerge on Earth? Ironically, the qualities that make the universe appear so hostile to life are actually necessary for life. They also provide astonishing evidence that the universe was designed by an infinite and omnipotent Creator.

“This fascinating presentation makes a compelling case for the existence of God and the intelligent design of the
universe. EricSmithis a gifted communicator who has the rare ability to convey sophisticated scientific concepts in terms that all can understand – students and adults alike.

“This topic is a vital component of contemporary Christian apologetics, and as such it is one that all knowledgeable and informed Christians should know.”

— Jefrey Breshears, Founder and President, The Areopagus